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Hospital Management Automation Consultancy

​Associated with ​TiaTech a healthcare IT product company that has designed its products with established Hospitals like yours in mind. TiaTech’s products include modular Electronic Health Records (EHR), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), cloud based imaging, mobile telemedicine products and wireless peripherals (hardware). Our product range aims at offering complete and seamless integration of clinical, business, and administrative functions of the hospital thereby improving the efficiency of data capture, storage and communication.

Our solutions offer the following benefits for hospitals and Doctors:


Effective management of electronic patient health records and integration with all hospital departments.
Centralized administrative control of your hospital with intuitive dashboards: Centrally monitor Finance, Stores, Procurement, Inventory and HR in addition to the core hospital parameters.
Intelligent analytics: Track OT utilization, patient turn-around time, delays in discharge, revenue leakages, etc.
Improved clinical outcomes built on a process driven and predictive model design.
Faster turnaround time as our hardware devices automatically sync patient vitals to patient medical record.
Smooth functioning of the HMS supported by the IT support team.
Reduced manpower requirement facilitated by automated workflows (like fast tracking discharge process) and kiosks.
Minimal upfront payment costs for the Institution.


Quick access to schedule, rounding lists, patient details for discharge initiation with mobile and web apps.
Communication tool for doctors that enables easy referrals and transmission of patient data on a secure platform.
Ability to view patient details remotely.
Intuitive and user friendly design with minimal clicks for data entry.
Ability to conduct research on areas such as population health using TiaTech’s analytics.
Tele-medicine capability with similar interfaces as routine patient management.


Automated patient reminders for follow up visits.
Online patient access to complete medical history

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